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The Process

The process begins with a thorough inspection of your property, identifying all mole damage and activity. Main travel tunnels are identified, along with entry and exit points. Moles don't just live in the middle of your yard, they traveled there in search of food.

The goal is to seal off the perimeter of the property and kill all moles entering and exiting via those main tunnels. As many traps as necessary will be set to accomplish this goal, gain control of the mole invasion and rid the property of moles as soon as possible. Each trap is clearly marked with a blaze orange Mole Marine flag.

Next, a map of your property is drawn with every trap location identified. Your property is then monitored regularly throughout the term of the service agreement. All activity is recorded on your map, which will indicate when the yard is mole free and new kills are coming strictly from moles trying to breach the perimeter.

A set trap along a rock wall, a favorite run among moles, clearly marked with a blaze orange Mole Marine flag.

Same trap after a mole triggered it. See how the top opens up? That means that the scissor jaws snapped shut.

Note: As you can see, if a human, pet or wild animal were to step on a trap above ground, it's jaws are safely below ground.

So, what is in that trap?

Yep, another mole casualty! After a trap is emptied, it may be reset it in the same spot. Frequently several moles are killed in the same run.

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