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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you catch moles?

I don't catch them, I trap them. As my tag line says, I Kill Moles Only!

How long does it take to start seeing results?

I have killed moles in as little as 5 minutes. There is nothing better than having a trap trigger with the owner standing right there.

What kind of trap do you use?

It's an under ground scissor type trap.

Why do you use that type of trap? or What made you choose that trap?

I conducted countless hours of research on the internet and by phone, talking to manufacturers, trappers and property owners who had mole problems. Based on their input, the overall higher success rate of this trap, the overwhelming majority of the trappers using it and my own experience as a trapper, I came to the conclusion that the mechanics, concept and durability of this trap made sense.

How many moles do you think I have?

I don't know! If there is anyone that says they do know they are simply not telling the truth. No one knows how many moles are in ANY given property. Any answer to that question would simply be a guess. I have dozens of examples of properties, similar in size, scope and layout, surrounded by woods and not surrounded by woods, that produced as few as 2 moles and as many as 57, my personal record for one property.

I know my neighbors have moles too, but they don't do anything about it. How will that affect mole control in my yard?

This can play a factor since moles do not know property lines. You are hiring me to rid your property of moles and prevent new moles from entering. I set as many traps as necessary around the perimeter of your property to kill any moles that try to enter or exit your yard. It doesn't matter whose mole it is or which direction he was running in the tunnel, when he enters my trap, he will die!

My husband has tried trapping moles but has never killed one. He has tried the same trap you use but we still have lots of mole tunnels and mounds. Why isn't he having the same results?

I have a basketball but I can't dunk it. There is a skill involved in knowing exactly where and how to set the traps. I have been trapping moles for over 10 years now. I have a proven success record.

I have a couple traps and as soon as I set one, a tunnel pops up right next to it, or on the other side of the yard. I can't catch them. How do you know where to set them?

My research and experience are what guide me as to where to set the traps. In addition to that, I have over a thousand traps. You can chase them around all season long with one or two traps but I set as many as necessary to stop the activity as soon as possible.

Are these traps safe to use around kids and pets?

Yes, the trap's scissor like jaws are below ground.

Can this trap be triggered from above ground?

Yes, dogs, turkeys, deer and customers step on, bump and kick them frequently, thus triggering them. It is a horizontal entry trap, not vertical, and although the trap was triggered from above ground, the actual scissor mechanism is below ground.

What about mowing? Will I still be able to mow my yard?

Yes, you can still mow, but not directly over the trap. About 2-3 inches of the trap is above ground, with the actual scissor portion below ground. Every trap is clearly marked with an orange flag so you can avoid it with your mower. If you accidentally mow over it you could seriously damage your mower, will more than likely ruin the trap, and could potentially disperse metal fragments with your mower blade. Bottom line, look out for the flags and DO NOT mow over the traps.

Do you use any baits, poisons or other chemicals?

NO! My method is environmentally safe and gives the customer peace of mind knowing that their children and pets are also safe. They will not dig up, track in or come in any contact with any poisons or chemicals!

Is trapping more effective than poisons and chemicals?

YES! I could list at least two pages of references, quotes and studies from professors at Universities all across the United States who state that trapping is the most effective method of ridding your property of moles.

My neighbor, friend, Uncle, brother, etc. uses grub killer 2 or 3 times a year, every year, and he says it works for him. Should I try that?

Two or three times a year, every year, what does that tell you? Using grub killer is probably the most frequently attempted method to rid one's property of moles. Grub killer may work on grubs, but not on moles. Moles are insectivores and grubs are just one of their food sources. Earth worms are actually their number one source of food. If you go to a buffet and they are out of mashed potatoes, you will find something else to eat. If you have a grub problem then treat for grubs. If you have a mole problem, then trap moles!

What about those little poison gummy worms?

To me they fall in to the category of, Gimmicks, Gadgets and Wives Tales. Whether its poison gummy worms, chewing gum, crushed glass, mole smoke/gas bombs, high pitch noise emitters, castor oil, adapters that hook to your car exhaust, or flooding tunnels, they are all a waste of money and simply don't work. Unless you have some sort of tunnel cam set up all over your property, how do you know if a mole fell victim to one of these gimmicks. With trapping, I have a dead body to prove my results.

How can you prove your method is working or more effective than grub killer, poison gummy worms or other remedies?

I have dead moles to prove it works and that they will no longer be digging up your property.

Do you repair the mole damage?

I am NOT a landscaper or lawn repairman, however I occasionally flatten tunnels and disperse mole mounds to monitor which runs are active or frequently traveled. I encourage property owners to disperse mole mounds and not flatten them. Somewhere under each mound is a small hole that the mole excavated the dirt through. You are not going to get all that dirt back in to that tunnel, by dispersing it you won't be able to see where the mound was, thus salvaging your grass around the hole. Flattening the mound will result in a large diameter dead spot.

I just flattened all these tunnels this morning and they are right back up, how is that?

You are doing just that, flattening tunnels, you are not killing moles. Your yard might look flat but the tunnel is still there and so is the mole. Moles are workaholics. It is easier for them to repair an existing tunnel than to dig a new one. You have to rid your yard of moles by trapping and thus killing them before you can hope to maintain a flat yard.

How much do you charge?

There are many factors involved in my pricing; size of property, mole infestation and area to be covered, number of traps needed, and mole damage to name a few. Without seeing your property in person, I can not give you an estimate.

Do you charge per mole?

No, I only offer seasonal rates. I have killed as few as 2 and as many as 57 moles on a single property. Imagine the cost of killing 57 moles if I charged per mole?

You guarantee results. Does that mean you guarantee that you will rid my yard of moles?

Guaranteed results means dead moles. I do not guarantee that I will completely rid your yard of moles as the breeding and recolonization habits of a wild animal can not be guaranteed. You are hiring me to kill the moles that are currently there and to prevent others from entering your yard, for the contract period only.

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